DIY backyard wedding in Istanbul : Ezgi & Mert

I had the pleasure to photograph Ezgi and Mert’s beautiful DIY backyard wedding. They first met at a ski trip in Uludağ, Turkey. After a few dream-like days, Ezgi went back home to İzmir, and Mert to İstanbul. It was all beautiful, except they forgot to get each other’s number.

The next time they met was in Izmir, by complete coincidence. Mert was visiting a friend there, and he ran into Ezgi, of all people in that big city. This time, they did exchange numbers. That was how their journey leading to this beautiful DIY wedding started.

They actually held their official ceremony in İzmir before the wedding, but the friends and family back in Istanbul deserved a celebration as well. They decided to do a DIY wedding at the large and lovely garden of Mert’s parents’ home. Ezgi was still the new girl in town, and Mert had a huge experience organizing big events for Red Bull. So naturally Mert, as the groom, took the responsibility to put together all the wedding details. They picked me to photograph their wedding after seeing the natural and emotional photographs that they saw in my portfolio.

You can read the details of this DIY backyard wedding at the bottom of the page, below the photos.

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When I joined Mert at his parents’ home in the morning, he was busy planning the setup of the decorations and the music. Together we went to his favorite barber shop next door for his shave. Ezgi’s hair and makeup was done at the same home. Then we went to Mert’s nearby apartment to relax and have a few drinks with close friends. When we came back to the venue, the wedding setup at the backyard was almost done. They put on their dresses inside. They preferred natural wedding photographs, so I photographed their story unobstrusively the entire time.

Their song for the first dance was this version of Aşkkolik by the Turkish pop star Kenan Doğulu. I have to admit, when I first heard the song, I thought it was House of the Rising Sun by The Animals 🙂 Later through the night, the band performed live music. It was a great party with too much joy and dancing.

Ezgi and Mert, I wish you both happiness. Hold on to each other with love, forever.




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