Bosphorus Palace Hotel wedding

It was a suprisingly sunny October day in Istanbul. When I joined Burcu at her parents’ home in the morning, we were unaware of the surprises we were about the have later that day. Here is the story of her Bosphorus Palace Hotel wedding.

Nazar hanging at bride's home

The Turkish people loosely believe that the blue beads protect them from Nazar, the “evil eye”. As the day unfolded, we saw that the nazar bonjuk hanging on the wall would really help Burcu from being a victim of a thievery.

bride leaving home

Leaving home, Burcu and her dad had a heart-warming embrace.

bride putting on her dress

Near the end of the preperations at the hairdresser’s, there was an air of suspense. One of the employees had her purse stolen by someone acting as a client. The thief managed to leave before anyone realized what was happening. We tuned in to the security camera footage to assess the damage. That was when we thought the nazar bonjuk saved Burcu from being the victim of the thief.

bride pointing at the security footage of the theft that occured at hair dresser's

We left the unfortunate event behind, and returned to the excitement of the day.

bride cgeking her bouquet in the car

After the official ceremony, the couple held a small coctail.

bride welcoming the guests at the coctail

Burcu did not have a chance to have anything to eat since the morning. So she nibbled on the leftovers after the guests left. This is the reason why I recommend planning a time slot to eat on your wedding day; it will be a busy day, and you may forget to have your lunch. But regardless, I love this photo, where Burcu looks adorable, innocent, and helpless at the same time.

hungry bride feeding on the leftovers from the coctail

bride leaving the coctail area

We had our posed photos before the reception.

bride groom portrait bride and groom walking bride walking through trees bride with her bouquet

At The Bosphorus Palace Hotel, the venue for the wedding reception, preperations were almost ready.


That was where I took one of my award-winning photographs.

balloons at wedding venue

After aeeiving at the venue, the couple spent some time with their friends, and walked downstairs for a symbolic ceremony.

bride and friend bride groom walking down stairs guests warching the wedding ceremony girls at the wedding

The couple went back to their room and worked on some last minute arrangements with the seating plan. Then they joined the reception to celebrate with their loved ones.

groom working on seating plan bride dancing with brother while groom dancing with sister cake cutting at bosphorus palace wedding little girl cant wait to have some wedding cake at bosphorus palace hotel wedding bride dancing with little girl at bosphorus palace wedding bride on dance floor

It was a beautiful wedding day, despite the events at the hairdresser’s. I wish Burcu and Murat a happy life together.

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