I am a member of some prestigious international wedding photography organizations. And I sometimes attend their competitions. I decided to collect all my award-winning wedding photos in this page. I believe these awards do not just belong to me, but also to the couples in these photos. After all, they are the ones who do those actions, and who chose me as their wedding photographer. I just documented those moments meaningfully..

My Fearless Awards

It is really hard to earn an award from Fearless Photographers, where more than 10K images are submitted from around the world. Here are my Fearless Awards.

Fearless award Collection 45 award-winning wedding photos Fearless award Collection 53 award-winning wedding photos

My WPJA award-winning wedding photos

Wedding Photojournalists Association is one of the most prestigious international organizations on wedding photography.  I have been listed in their Top 100 wedding photographers list in 2017. They only accept members who shoot weddings with a documentary / photojournalistic approach, and their contest judges are purposefully selected from outside the wedding industry. Some of the judges are Pulitzer winners. Here are my awards from WPJA so far.

WPJA ödüllü düğün fotoğrafları award-winning wedding photograph award-winning wedding photographer WPJA ödüllü düğün fotoğrafları WPJA gold badge ödüllü düğün fotoğrafları WPJA ödüllü düğün fotoğrafları

My award-winning wedding photos from Mywed

Mywed is a worldwide directory of wedding photographer. My bride İrem‘s photo received an award from Mywed, as well as the other two organizations.

Mywed Editors Choice

WPJA Diamond Awards

Other than weddings, WPJA organizes contests for engagement photos. Here are my award-winning engagement photos from.

ödüllü nişan fotoğrafları ödüllü save the date fotoğrafları