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Destination Wedding Photographer

Hello! I am Erkin Agsaran, a documentary wedding photographer based out of Istanbul, Turkey. I will take your story-telling, genuine, authentic photographs on your wedding day.

You might be planning an urban wedding in Toronto, a romantic wedding in Sicily, a beach wedding at Oludeniz, or an elopement in Istanbul. As long as you are looking for an award-winning photographer to capture your genuine, emotional moments, I will be happy to help you.

More than pretty poses

Documentary Wedding Photographs

You will remember the laughters, the happy tears, the sparkle in your spouse's eye at the first look, your excitement during the ceremony, your ecstasy on the dance floor, and more. You will re-live those moments in my unposed, unobstrusive photographs.



For how many hours will you be with us on our wedding day?

There is no time limit. We decide on the start and finish times in our consultation meeting. I've photographed weddings where I joined the couple at their breakfast, and finished at the end of their after party.

What if we have limited time for wedding portraits?

I do photograph you the entire day, but that doesn't mean I demand YOUR time. You will keep doing whatever you would normally do on that day, if you were not being photographed. Remember, these are not posed photographs. I photograph the real activities and emotions. I specifically ask you to NOT plan anything around the photoshoot. Just make plans to enjoy the day, and I will photograph your enjoyment.

Wait! Won't you take any posed photos of us at all?

Of course I will. But poses are not our priority. It is the easy bit. If we have the time, and if you feel like it, we can keep posing for hours. If not, 15 minutes is all we need for posed pictures. The rest of the day, I unobstrusively photograph you and your wedding.

Can we do our photoshoot on another day?

Of course we can. It gives us flexibility in terms of timing and locations. But I would still recommend photographing the wedding day, because this is what you will want to remember after a few years. You can have both a full-day coverage on your wedding, and a session on another day.

How about wedding outside Turkey?

I love travelling :) I have actually photographed my first ever wedding in Canada. So far, I have photographed weddings and couples in Canada, Italy, and Saudi Arabia. I would love to fly to your wedding :)

Do you offer wedding videography? Can I work with a seperate videographer I choose?

If you choose a package that includes videography, my videographer will be joining us the whole day, and work with the same unobstrusive mindset as I do, and provide a short film of your wedding. (You can find some sample wedding short films in my blog, and in my Vimeo page). Alternatively, you are free to bring your videographer of choice, and I'll be happy to collaborate with them.


I have won several international awards with my wedding photographs from these organizations. Click to see me award-winning photographs.

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From my couples

"When we first saw Erkin Ağsaran's photographs, we were getting excited thinking 'will our photos be as good as these?'. Our wedding photos that he captured for us turned out to be even better!

erkin ağsaran

Get to know me better

I remember my wedding in Istanbul, and I remember how uncomfortable me and my wife were during the photoshoot. Our photographer, like any other Istanbul wedding photographer, was trying to make us look like some other people, putting us in unnatural, fake poses. That is why I decided to offer a unique wedding photography experience to couples.

On my own wedding, the only time me and my wife felt weird was during the photoshoot. While doing the poses that the photographer asked for, we knew deep inside that these images, regardless of how beautiful they would be, would fail to tell about us, or about our wedding, let alone how we felt. Posing was just something that had to be done for around an hour or two on the wedding day, because everybody else who is getting married was doing it.

I realized, although a little too late, that it didn’t have to be that way. Just like you, I wanted to enjoy my wedding day, with my wife, and my friends and family. I wished there was a way where I could have authentic photographs that would remind me how we genuinely we enjoyed that day. What I have instead, is beautiful photographs that tell me only about how I spent two hours on my wedding day posing, and what our wedding outfit looked like.

That is why I started photographing weddings; To give my couples photographs that actually tell about them, and about their wedding. Authentic memories of how they really lived and enjoyed their big day. The timeless story of their wedding, filled with real emotions.