Wedding in Tekirdag

It was a coincidence that İrem and Barış chose my wedding anniversary as their wedding date. The wedding in Tekirdağ was to be held in Hayrabolu district. Me and my wife decided to spend the weekend nearby, and it would be easy for me to get to the wedding in the morning.

Another reason I love this wedding is the fact that I have won a WPJA gold medal, and my first Fearless award with one of the photographs I have taken that day. You can read the rest of the wedding story at the end of this page. First, the photos.

Bride sitting on couch while friends visiting Sister helping bride to get down the stairs Bride and groom portrait in Tekirdag Turkey Bride and groom under cloudy sky Bride kissing groom on thr cheek Bride and groom and lone tree on hill while storm approahing boy lying in front of the bride wedding in tekirdag award winning photograph of bride leaving home turkish wedding ceremony in tekirdag father's speech at wedding cake cutting at wedding in tekirdag boy scattering flower petals on bride drums playing at turkish wedding in tekirdag henna night in tekirdag

The night before this Tekirdag wedding, there was a heavy rain in the area. But when I get to the hairdresser’s, the sun was shining.

After the preparations, we went outside for some couple portraits. Near the end of the session, the sky started to darker, so we headed back home. On our way, I was a lone tree on a yellow hill, and asked them to stop for a few more poses. I have also warned them about the risk of getting soaked by the approaching storm, but they agreed to stop. After a few shots here, we went back home. 20 seconds after we entered the building, the thunderstorm started to come down. We were lucky to avoid the heavy rain, only by less than a minute.

That was not the only time the weather would favour İrem and Barış’s wedding. The rain stopped before the time of the ceremony. This was an outdoor wedding, and the only sense of the rain we had was a few drops falling on our heads. Just after the wedding was over and the guests were on their cars, it started raining cats and dogs again.

May this good luck be with İrem and Barış forever.



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