Wedding by The Bosphorus : Zeynep & Rod

Cubuklu Hayal Kahvesi is a beautiful wedding venue in Istanbul, on the shores of The Bosphorus, on the quiter Asian side. I had the pleasure the photograph Zeynep and Rod’s bosphorus wedding at Cubuklu Hayal.

Zeynep first saw me, and my work, at her friends wedding. She did not like the posed wedding photographs, which is all too common in Turkey. Instead, she wanted natural, storytelling wedding photographs. So, even though the wedding venue (like many other venues in Turkey) required them to work with their designated photography contractors during the ceremony and the gifting, they also had me to photograph their wedding story.

Cubuklu Hayal Kahvesi wedding: bald man joins the bride during hair wash Cubuklu Hayal Kahvesi wedding: bride makeup Bride-to-be waiting at hairdressers

At the hairdresser’s, Zeynep’s two very best friends, Ertan, and Pamela, were with her to support her. She would wear her wedding dress at the venue.

Cubuklu Hayal Kahvesi wedding: bride waiting Cubuklu Hayal Kahvesi wedding: bride laughing

Çubuklu Hayal Kahvesi is a great option for a wedding in Istanbul, with its wonderful  location by the Bosphorus, and its texture. For couples who prefer to make a grand entrance from the sea, the venue provides a boat, in which the couple may also have their dinner while waiting for the guests to arrive. During their dinner on the boat, a dolphin showed up on the Bosphorus as a suprise.

Cubuklu Hayal Kahvesi wedding: the venue getting prepared Cubuklu Hayal Kahvesi wedding couple Cubuklu Hayal Kahvesi wedding: bride's dress getting fixed Cubuklu Hayal Kahvesi wedding: first dance rehearsal bosphorus wedding wedding by the bosphorus Cubuklu Hayal Kahvesi wedding: groom by the pool dolphin at the bosphorus wedding Cubuklu Hayal Kahvesi wedding: groom waiting on boat wedding on the bosphorus: bride and groom on boat Cubuklu Hayal Kahvesi wedding: first dance

The night ended with some lovely speaches from the couple’s friends, which made the bride cry.Cubuklu Hayal Kahvesi wedding poolside bar Cubuklu Hayal Kahvesi wedding speaches Cubuklu Hayal Kahvesi wedding speaches Bride's reaction to wedding speaches at Cubuklu Hayal Kahvesi If you are planning your wedding in Istanbul, and would like meaningful photographs to remind you your big day, I would love to photograph your wedding 🙂



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