Jasmine Court Kyrenia wedding photos

I have already shared photographs from Esra and Emre’s henna night. Just 2 days after the henna night, I was with them again. This time, it was for their Jasmine Court Kyrenia wedding photos.

bride getting ready at jasmine court hotel wedding photos in kyrenia kyrenia wedding photos cyprus wedding - romantic bride at sunset kyrenia wedding photographer I joined Esra and her family, which I had met at the henna night, in a comfy room of Jasmine Court. After the bridal preparations here, we went outside for some couple portraits. We used several nice spots within the hotel grounds. Then we moved to the wedding area.

Maybe you already know, that in there is a term called greeting wedding in Cyprus. In these types of weddings, the couple and the guests don’t spend much time time, if at all, for dancing and partying. Instead, the guests of the couple and the family come to the couple and gives their good wishes, along with their presents.

The couple already had too much fun at the henna night 2 days ago. So they didn’t mind standing and accepting presents in this night.

Since the families had a large following within Krynea, the number of guests exceeded 1000. After the short ceremony, the couple and their families stood at the platform, while the guests formed a huge line up to come and congratulate the couple.

There were so many guests, that it was hard to see the end of the line. It went climbing up the stairs which lead to this part of the hotel grounds. At the end of the night, the couple were both tired from standing, and happy from seeing all their loved ones toghether.



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