Wyndham Grand Kalamis wedding : Nazlı & Yağız

Nazlı and Yağız was no ordinary couple. If you have seen my post about the story of Nazlı’ henna night, you might have guessed that the wedding itself would also be one of a kind. They practically turned your usual wedding day timeline upside down. You can read the story of this unusual Wyndham Grand Kalamis wedding further down this page, but first, you really want to see the photos.

Bride waiting on seat Bride putting on earing on mirror Bride makeup Bridesmaids laugh looking at the phone Bridesmaid hugs the bride Bride speaking with groom while getting ready Bride opening a champagne Groom at brides door Groom and best men getting ready Bridesmaid getting emotional looking at the bride Bride in her room at Wyndham Grand Kalamis Wedding coctail at Wyndham Grand Kalamis Bride and bridesmaid in jackets at Wyndham Grand Kalamis İstanbul Wedding party at Wyndham Grand Kalamis Bride and groom dance on rooftop against sea view Wyndham Grand Kalamis weddingSelfie at Wyndham Grand Kalamis wedding Wedding Party in Wyndham Grand Kalamis Hotel roomWedding ceremony Kadikoy

When Nazlı and Yağız decided to get married, they faced the dilemma of many Turkish couples planning a wedding: They did not really want to do a big wedding reception to invite many people that they remotely know and hardly recognize. They just wanted to celebrate and have fun with close friends, in a relaxed and comfortable fashion. But there was a ceremony that had to be held, and families and friends-of-families had to be welcomed somewhow.

Their solution to the dilemma was genius: They would hold a party with their friends before the actual ceremony, and they would do that in their hotel room. To be able to maximize the party time, they reserved the latest possible spot on the day for the official ceremoy (at 9pm). They also had a nice coctail at the hotel for the families and relatives. After the coctail party, they retreated to their room, kicked-off their shoes, and partied hard in a relaxed athmosphere. At the end of the party, getting ready again and leaving for the official ceremony was not easy, but they did it.

For those of you who would like to know, Nazlı’s hair and makeup was done by Jonat’s Couture, and her wedding dress was from Vakko Wedding.

Congratulations Nazlı & Yağız for thinking outside the box for your wedding, and having me there witness it.



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