Radisson Blu Istanbul henna night

Nazlı’s was a beautiful Istanbul henna night held at Radisson Blu Ataşehir, the day before the actual wedding. She had already booked me for her big day. But two days before the wedding, she called me and told me she also would like to have me photograph her henna party as well.

I joined her, and her friends at the hotel room where she was getting ready, and photographed the entire night with great joy. The girls had their hair and makeup done here. Nazlı also got her henna tattoo.

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The party started with Nazlı sitting on her throne, while the great team from İklim Kına Organizasyon did their opening show for her and her guests. After some more dancing, Nazlı went back to the backstage to wear her henna costume. This time, the girls entered the ballroom in line, with candles in their hands, for the actual henna ceremony. At the end of the night, Yağız, the groom, joined the party. He even played the drum at one point.

It was a beautiful henna night. I also benefited from being there, because I had a chance to meet Nazlı’s friends and family there. That really helped a lot for the actual wedding day.

You can see this couple’s wedding photos in this post.



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