Cemile Sultan wedding

I remember the time I was briefing my videographer about this Cemile Sultan wedding. After almost every sentence, his eyes grew bigger with a new shock wave. He kept asking if I was joking. I was not. If I were him, I would have found it hard to believe, too.

That was because, the flow of the wedding day was really unique. What we didn’t know at that time was, it would even get a little surrealistic.

You can read about all that is unusual about this wedding, at the end of this page. But let’s look at the photos first. As per the request from the couple, I will not be using their names in this post.

bride and groom waiting for singer at airport bride groom and singer in parking lot cemile sultan wedding bride getting her make up done bride almost ready for wedding bride and groom walking at cemile sultan korusu groom pose wedding dress trunk at cemile sultan first dance at cemile sultan wedding bride and groom on dance floor at cemile sultan wedding bride on dance floor Cemile Sultan wedding mansur ark playing drums at cemile sultan wedding bride and father at cemile sultan wedding

The couple first saw me at another wedding. When I first met with them, I immediately felt like we have been friends forever. They were so fun and friendly.

The first surprise of the wedding day happened even before I saw the bride in the morning. She was upstairs taking a shower, and we were waiting in the living room, admiring the giant paintings on the wall, by a well known Turkish artist. Then the painter himself entered the room, and we realized that he was the father of the bride. After the shock, we had a lovely conversation with him. He even took me and my videographer downstairs to his studio.

The rest of the day was also very uncommon for a wedding. The bride loved Mansur Ark, a well known musician. She contacted him to ask if he could attend her wedding at Cemile Sultan Korusu, and he kindly accepted. But he would be flying in from Bodrum on the wedding day. And she wanted to pick him up from the airport.

So the bride, the groom, and the entire wedding party, drove all the way to the airport, waited for his plane to land, and greeted him at the door. We then took him to his hotel, and went to the wedding venue for bride’s preparations.

At night at the wedding, Mansur Ark was kind enough to take the stage and sing his famous songs for the bride and groom. For me, the moment that topped the surrealism of the day, was when Mansur Ark was, the pop singer, was on the dance floor, banging the traditional drum.

I will never forget the love and excitement on this wedding day.



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