Wedding at Sardunya Karaköy

It is interesting to see how something that sounds warm and romantic while planning, turns out to be extremely emotional when put into action. That’s exactly what happened at Başak and Mümin’s wedding at Sardunya Karaköy.

You can read their wedding story at the end of this page, following the photographs.

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Başak and Mümin were a humble couple, even a little shy. They did not like posed wedding photos, so they had to search for the right photographer. It was relatively easy for them to find me to capture the emotions. Good they did, as there were too many emotions that day.

The day started at Makyaj Odası, with Başak, and her helpers got their make up done. Afterwards we walked to the couple’s hotel, nearby in Beyoğlu. That’s where she put on her dress. We did some posed photos at the hotel before the ceremony.

The tears came down at the wedding, when the couple took microphones to make the speeches to each other. Many times before the wedding, Başak had rehearsed reading those words that she had written herself. But she had never imagined that reading them to him in front of the guests would be so emotional. They could hardly finish their speeches between tears. After the speeches, almost all the guests were crying with them, and some of the guests came up to hug them. Myself included.

Thanks guys, for choosing me to witness and photograph those emotional moments. Wish you lots of laughters in your life together.



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