Crazy backyard wedding : Elif & Gurhan

I first met Gurhan at Esra and Aykut’s wedding. He was Aykut’s cousin and best man. When he called me 3 years later for his own wedding, I could tell I was up to shooting another joyful wedding. And when I met with his lovely bride Elif, I saw I was right.

They planned to have the ceremony and the reception at their own backyard. But they did not want to be around while the place was being prepared. So they chose nearby Les Ottomans to get themselves ready for the wedding. The fun started during getting ready. Here are the photos of this crazy wedding. You can contiune reading the story of the day below the photos.

Les Ottomans wedding preparations Les Ottomans bride to be Groom watches bride getting ready at Les Ottomans Les Ottomans wedding dress hanging on the wall next to painting of naked girl Les Ottomans wedding getting ready Groom having a rest while bride getting ready Bride hair and make up Bride getting ready putting the wedding dress on at Les ottomans Bride and friends with groom at Les Ottomans wedding prep Groom feeds bride with sashimi Bride on her room's stairs at Les Ottomans Bride walking down the stairs Les Ottomans wedding prep Putting the veil on Les Ottomans groom Bride dancing at Les Ottomans Les Ottomans wedding bride and groom Bride and groom climbing to ceremony area at backyard wedding Speeches before wedding ceremony Turkish wedding ceremony at backyardCrazy wedding: bride getting her wedding dress cut tearing the wedding dress Cutting the wedding dress during crazy wedding Bride entering Bride in mini live music at backyard wedding Bellydancers at Turkish wedding Guests having fun at wedding Groom looking at the bride

I met the couple, and their friends, at Les Ottomans for her wedding preparations. They had fun time in their room while getting ready, and then we went to their home for the wedding.

The wedding at home saw more guests than I was expecting. After the toasting and speaches, the couple had their official ceremony on the platform built on their backyard for that night. After the ceremony, there was music and dancing. But the big surprise of the night came from Elif. She had already told me that she was planning to cut the skirt of her wedding dress to be able to dance comfortably. In fact, during the party, we went to the bedroom with her stylist friend, and re-shaped the wedding dress.

The crazy wedding party lasted until around 3AM, with DJ, some live music, bellydancers, the garter toss, and more.

I wish Elif and Gurhan tons of love and fun….



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