Istanbul Bridge Restaurant wedding : Ceyda & Can

It was a cold December evening when Ceyda messaged me about her Bridge Restaurant wedding to happen the next day. We quickly set up a meeting for that very night, and gladly we got along very well.

I will give you more details below, but first, I will let the photographs tell the story 😉

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Starting the day at the hairdresser’s, Ceyda put on her wedding dress back at home. They left home to get to the registry office where they would hold the official ceremony. But as they approached the office, the traffic got worse, and finally came to a halt.

It seemed impossible to get to the office on time. So the couple decided to get off the car, and walk the rest of the way. They managed to get there on time, and also got many surprised looks from the people on the streets.

After the ceremony, we went to Bridge Restaurant for the reception. wedding venue. The venue was ready for the wedding, but Ceyda realized another problem here, this time with her wedding dress; it was too long, and blocking her tango moves.

She solved this problem by tying the dress at the waist by a piece of fabric. (Not to be confused with the common red ribbon that is worn by some Turkish brides, which I explained in another post. The fabric you see in some of these photograhs are dark green. Of course it would look weird, so it was later replaced by a white ribbon before the party started, which you can see at the photos of the first dance)

I honestly applaud Ceyda for not losing it despite these misforunate events on her wedding day. Especially modifying the wedding on the spot was a brave move, matched only by the bride who cut her wedding dress to dance better.

Ceyda and Can was the living proof of why you should not let some mishaps ruin your big day. Their Bridge Restaurant wedding was full of fun and dancing. I wish them a happy life together.



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