Faruk Ilgaz wedding

Merve and Bülent worked diligently to make their Faruk Ilgaz wedding beautiful. And as a result, they had a dream wedding. I have met them while I was photographing Linda and Daron’s wedding, and Merve wanted me at her wedding as well.

We started the day in the morning, when Bülent came to Merve’s home to pick her up. Her dad was emotional when they were leaving home.

Bride and groom leaving home

They picked Wyndham Grand Kalamış for their preparations, because of its proximity to Faruk Ilgaz Tesisleri. Merve had many accssories with her, to make the getting ready part more fun.

Wedding preparations at Wyndham grand Kalamış decorated pillows for wedding daybride's friendsHere Merve started her preparations with her bridesmaids.

Gelin hazırlıkları Wyndham Kalamış

Wyndham gelin ayakkabı altına isim yazıyor

selfie with bridesmaids

When they were ready, Bülent joined them in the room. They read their letters to each other.

bride and groom reading their letters to each other

Writing a letter to your soul mate to read at the wedding day is a lovely practive. It doesn’t really cost anything, while adding strong authenticity to the wedding day.

We went to the wedding venue afterwards, to find it beautifully decorated.

Faruk Ilgaz wedding decorationsFaruk Ilgaz tesisleri wedding table decorations

While waiting for the guests to arrive, they practiced their first dance one more time, to the lovely tune by Nat King Cole. When the time came, two flower girls lead the way to the ceremony by the pool.

flower girls at Faruk Ilgaz weddingfaruk ılgaz wedding ceremony

They released purple and pink balloons in the air during the ceremony.

balloons being released in the air at Faruk Ilgaz wedding veremony

Merve and Bülent performed their first dance beautifully.

first danceDüğünde Balkan bandosucutting the cake girls watching the wedding cake pasta kesimi sonrası şampanya

Later at night, Bülent went into the DJ cabin to display his skills.

groom in dj cabin bride watching groom in dj cabin

Having a wedding by the pool almost certainly means that the groom is going to get wet.

throwing the groom into the pool

I believe the most romantic part of the wedding was the closing dance by the bride and groom, despite his wet clothes.

romantic dance with bride and groom closing dance at wedding

Even though Faruk Ilgaz Tesisleri insists couples to use their contracted photographers, Merve and Bülent chose to work with me. Thank you Merve and Bülent for this choice, as I enjoyed photographing your beautiful day.



Wedding planner : Madam Koket Organizasyon
Wedding dress : Pierre Cardin
Bride’s hair : Cadde Kuaför
Bride’s shoes : Eldora Ayakkabı (custom made) and Hotiç
Grooms’s outfit : Network
Shots : Gooddrink



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