Novotel Istanbul wedding : Begüm & Murat


Begüm and Murat got married with a beautiful Novotel Istanbul wedding. I joined them at Begüm’s parents’ home, where she was getting ready. Her mom and friends helped her fix her hair, as well as the wedding dress.

The apartment was filled with neighbours and relatives, and they all agreed that Begüm was indeed a beautiful bride. As part of a Turkish wedding tradition, a family member was helped her write names of single ladies on the soles of her shoes.

There were strong emotions when they were leavimg home. Luckily, those tears did not last long as we went to a nearby location for some couple portraits.

After the couple photoshoot, we went Novotel where the wedding would be. In her hotel room, Begüm’s friends did a great job keeping Begüm entertained.

The wedding was held at the poolside. After the ceremony, the parents made nice speeches to the guests who arrived from far away. The night ended with dancing and fun.

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Wedding dress: Aslı Kongel

Hair and make-up: Diva Marmara Park

Groom’s outfit: Bruno Bellini

Venue: Novotel İstanbul City West

Wedding planner: Organizasyon dükkanı

Accessories: Love Knot

DJ : 7ses



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