Istanbul wedding at Sardunya Restaurant

Jenny and Sahan live in The Netherlands. That’s why Bilge Hanım, Sahan’s mom, was doing most of the organizing for the wedding in Istanbul. After a few mails between Jenny and me, Bilge Hanım called me to find out who “that photographer that the bride and groom liked so much” was:) We had some lovely conversations with her over the phone. And finally we met when the couple visited Istanbul.

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The day before the wedding, I had a chance to join, though for a short while, the coctail where the families from different countries attended. This way I had the opportunity to meet the two lovely families before the wedding.

In the morning and after the breakfast, Jenny started getting ready at Bilge Hanım’s apartment. Şahan’s sisters helped her put on her wedding dress. Jenny also wore her grandmother’s watch to honor her at the wedding.

We then went to Sardunya for the wedding. This is a nice restaurant by the Bosphorus near Karaköy. Jenny and Şahan had been secretly practicing a choreography for their first dance, and even their close friends and families didn’t know that before the show started.

They also explained the meanings of the Chinese and New Zealand-ese 🙂 symbolism they used on their wedding accessories.




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