Istanbul pre-wedding photography : Cindy and Andy

Pre-wedding photography is a popular practice in Asia. Couples hire a photographer months before their wedding, to document their love for each other. Some Asian couples prefer to do that pre-wedding session abroad. As an Istanbul wedding, pre-wedding, honeymoon and engagement photographer, I am often approached by foreign couples visiting Turkey, to photograph their time together here, and I really enjoy those sessions.


Cindy and Andy are one of these couples. They both live in Dubai, and Cindy’s parents live in Istanbul. The last time the couple visited the parents, they also though it would be a great idea to have an Istanbul pre-wedding photography session.

During our consultation, we decided to do the session in Beyoglu. We started with a nice photo-walk on Istiklal Street, but a few hours later we ended up around Golden Horn and in Sirkeci 🙂

First thing in the morning, I offered them a Turkish tea. Although the Chinese love tea, they were not used to drinking it in a tulip-shaped tea glass.

pre-wedding_Istanbul-3010 pre-wedding_Istanbul-3020 pre-wedding_Istanbul-1030 pre-wedding_Istanbul-1050 pre-wedding_Istanbul-1060 pre-wedding_Istanbul-1070 pre-wedding_Istanbul-1090

pre-wedding_Istanbul-3030pre-wedding_Istanbul-1110 pre-wedding_Istanbul-1120

I was feeling a little like a tour guide during our walk. Andy was curious about the beautiful landmarks of Istanbul, which we used as a backdrop for our Istanbul pre-wedding pictures, and I tried to answer them as much as I could.
pre-wedding_Istanbul-1140 pre-wedding_Istanbul-1150 pre-wedding_Istanbul-1160 pre-wedding_Istanbul-1170 pre-wedding_Istanbul-1180

I really liked the images we made with Cindy and Andy. Which one of these Istanbul pre-wedding photographs is your favourite?