Anemon Galata wedding photos

Usually it is the brides, and occasionally the grooms, who contact me to photograph a wedding. But this time it was the groom’s mother. She called me to ask if I could photograph her son’s Anemon Galata wedding, because the couple were living in Monaco, she took charge of contacting the vendors that the bride had found.

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Anne was from Monaco. She and Tolga met at the club where Tolga was working as a DJ. They decided to have their wedding in Istanbul at Firuzende Restaurant, on the rooftop of Anemon Galata.

Anemon is a beautiful hotel in the heart of Galata district. The view of the Galata Tower and Golden Horn from the rooftop at night is amazing. All these facts make this venue a great choice, especially for smaller weddings of couples from abroad.

Anne and Tolga’s would only be an intimate Galata wedding with very few guests. Before everyone else arrived, we did a short photoshoot in the streets of Galata. Then we went upstairs to the restaurant to join the guests.

Some of the guests, like Anne, were actors. They planned their speeches as a lovely little stage show. The rest of the night was filled with laughters and joy.



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