Vintage engagement party at Rixos Pera

Sinem and Can had a vintage engagement dinner party at Rixos Pera. The beautiful and thoughtful details at the party signalled how wonderful their wedding would be.

Rixos pera nişan hazırlıkları Gelin nişan daveti için hazırlanıyor vintage nişan hazırlıkları rixos pera düğün nişan
While the couple was getting ready at their room, the guests were welcomed with a coctail at the foyer of Rixos Pera. When the time came, the couple decended from the stairs to the foyer. There, there was a traditional Turkish engagement ceremony, which involved an elder member of the family putting the rings on the couple, and cutting the ribbon that connects the ribbons together. The ceremony continued with the speaches from the couple, and accepting congratulations.

Afterwards, the group walked to Rixos’s Chapelle Restaurant next door. Zeynep  from Yalı Organizasyon did a wonderful job decorating both areas and planning the entire night.

There were more cute surprises at the dinner area. My favorite was the old photographs of family, framed and hung on the walls. All the guests loved this gesture, and family members who appeared on the photos enjoyed looking at their youth.

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