Wedding in Istanbul, photoshoot in Cyprus

Tuğçe is from Cyprus, and Ali is an Istanbulian living in Cyprus. Because they both have many friends in Istanbul, they chose this city for their wedding. She wanted to have her wedding photographs taken in a documentary style, without any poses. She also wanted her posed photos to be taken in Cyprus, where they both live. I have photographed both their wedding in Istanbul, and the post-wedding photoshoot in Cyprus.

Read their wedding story at the end of this page, below the photos.

Wedding story

wedding bouquet at wyndham grand kalamış bride getting ready while bridesmaids waiting wedding preparations at wyndham kalamış groom checking himself in the mirror groom getting ready readty for ceremony wedding ceremony by the sea in istanbul turkey older couple dancing at the wedding dressing on the wedding cake bride and groom cutting the cake party after wedding reception in istanbul guests at the wedding bride dancing in istanbul wedding

Post-wedding couple photoshoot in Cyprus

post-wedding photoshoot in cyprusCyprus wedding photographer bridal poses in cyprus wedding couple photoshoot cyprus

After speaking on the phone with Tuğçe, we decided to meet when she would be visiting Istanbul for her wedding-shopping. In fact, we had the chance to sit down and have a coffee, moments after she walked out of Vakko wedding at Suadiye, having just chosen her wedding dress. And Ali’s mom was with her to help. I met her once again before the wedding, this time with Ali beside her.

On the wedding day, I met them at Wyndham Grand Kalamış. This hotel is the obvious choice for preparations because of its proximity to the wedding venues near Kadıköy. Their wedding would be in Galatasaray Kalamış Facilities.

When they were ready, we went to the wedding venue. It was a lovely wedding, with a ceremony by the sea, and a party afterwards on the terrace. The naked cake was made by one of Tuğçe’s bridesmaids, who owns a bakery.

The final surprise of the day was at the end of the night. When the party was over, I thanked and said goodbye to the couple and each guest I had an interaction with. Then I went to pack my gear and started getting ready to leave. When I was walking to my car, I saw the couple standing there, alone, seemingly waiting for something. When I asked them what it was they were waiting, they said their rental vehicle and driver had dissappeared. Luckily, they were such a relaxed couple that they did not get freaked out. I offered them a ride to the hotel, and they kindly accepted. So, after a short ride, we said goodbye again at their hotel, until the time we would meet for the post-wedding couple photoshoot in Cyprus.



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