Moda Deniz Kulübü wedding : Ceren & Berk

Moda Deniz Kulübü is a lovely venue for a wedding. With its seaside location on the Asian side of Istanbul, it gives the couples and the guests a nice atmosphere for a summer wedding. I had the pleasure to photograph Ceren and Berk’s Moda Deniz Kulübü wedding. I have also photographed their engagement session before, and the wedding was as much fun. Before the actual wedding, we were at DoubleTree Hotel Moda for wedding preparations. And after the wedding, I stayed with them photographing their crazy after party.

We met at DoubleTree Hilton Moda in the morning. This was the perfect place for their preparations because of its close proximity to the actual venue.

Moda Deniz Kulubu wedding: bride in front of wall art Moda Deniz Kulubu Wedding

Bride sitting under the wedding dress

Doubletree Hilton Moda wedding preparations

I have first met Berk at Zeynep ve Orçun’s wedding. He was the best man.

groom at DoubleTree Hilton Moda Groom getting ready for wedding at DoubleTree Hilton Moda Bride and family during the first look at DoubleTree Hilton Moda wedding Family portrait DoubleTree Hilton Moda wedding Opening a champagne at DoubleTree Hilton Moda weddingWhen the bride and the groom was ready, they took a very short ride to the wedding venue, Moda Deniz Klübü. The venue was almost ready for the wedding, and the couple waited for a while in the room that was reserved for them.

Ceremony platform at Moda Deniz Kulubu wedding Lounge seating at Moda Deniz Kulubu wedding Wedding Details at Moda Deniz Kulubu wedding

It was a beautiful ceremony, there was a surprise slideshow for the couple.

Moda deniz kulübü düğün giriş

Bride and groom enter at Moda Deniz Kulubu wedding Moda Deniz Kulubu wedding first danceBride and groom watch slideshow at Moda Deniz Kulubu weddingafter party at Moda Deniz Club wedding After party was too much fun. Everybody was literally on the floor at the end of the party. And here is the proof. on the floor at after party at Moda Deniz Club wedding

Just like many other wedding venues in Turkey, Moda Deniz Kulübü requires you to work with their designated photography contractors. Don’t let that fool you. You are only required to work with the contractor company for what is called the express prints service. That is; they take your guests’ pictures with you, and sell prints to the guests on the spot. This is a service unique to Turkish weddings, and it is not necessarily a bad thing; Turkish wedding guests expect to purchase prints of their pictures on a wedding night. But keep in mind that, even if your venue has a contractor, you can let them do their work, while you hire your own photographer to document the wedding for you. Just like Ceren and Berk did for their wedding.



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