Wedding in Bodrum: Kivi and Ozgur

I first met Kivilcim at Başak and Omar’s Wedding in Dalaman Hilton. Kivi was one of Başak’s friends who was running up and down, trying to help her out with the preparations.

Fast forward 3 years, and the same people running around in that hotel room met again in Bodrum, this time for Kivi’s wedding. And I was lucky enough to join them to document the day. Being greeted with such a warm welcome by the people I have once seen 3 years ago, made me realize once again why I love this line of work.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the story of this beautiful wedding in Bodrum Moon Beach, and the beautiful people within the story…

Bride and friend chat during preparations for the wedding in Bodrum on the balcony with a view of the sea

We started the preparations in Kivi’s airy room in Casa Costa, from where Kivi could see the large beach deck on which the wedding would be held. Kivi took advantage of that view, often stepping out to the balcony to watch the seating plan being implemented. She also welcomed her friends coming in the room during preparations.

Casa Costa Bodrum wedding preparationsBride ordering food for visitors during wedding preparations

As the preparations kept going, Kivi was starting to get nervous, thinking she started the day too late, and she would not be ready on time.Nervous bride on the balcony of her room with a view Wedding present and a note

One of the things that was worrying her was the seating plan. But her friends were great at comforting her….
Bride and friends laughing during wedding preparations

..and helped her assigning names to the tables. Bride checking the wedding seating plan

In the 3 years that we haven’t been in touch, Kivi left her career and started her own company, importing lovely Luz De Mia accessories. She found the time to showcase some of the products to her grandmother. You should check them out in her website.
Bride showing her accessories to grandmother Bride and family in fun conversation

With more help from her friends, Kivi put on her dress in her room, next to the bed decorated with flowers.Bride putting on her wedding dress next to the bed decorated with flowers

And Özgür was getting ready in the next room.Groom shaving and putting on his flower

They were not the only ones to get ready for the big event. Boy child getting ready for the wedding

As we were getting closer to the time of the cermony, Kivi stepped out to the balcony one more time, to check the preparations going on at the wedding venue down below. She was relieved to see that everything was ready.Bride walking to the balcony

Let’s take a look at what I mean by preparations.

Bodrum Wedding accessories; towels are ready in case the guests decide to swim in the sea

Bodrum wedding accessories: thank you notes on towels Bodrum wedding accessories: table decorations Bodrum wedding accessories: pillows with names printed on them

And finally it was time. Bride and groom arriving at the Bodrum wedding ceremony, and the child announcing their arrival

The couple were happy during the ceremony…
Bodrum wedding ceremony

… and their families watched them with happy tears.Bride's mother in tearsFamilies watching the wedding ceremony in Bodrum

They danced their first dance on a nice Bordum evening, surrounded by families and friends. Bodrum Wedding first dance First dance in wedding in Bodrum First dance

After the first dance, they went back to their room to refresh. Kivi took her veil off, while Özgür replaced his ceremony bow tie with a more colourful one…Groom changing his bow tie

… because there was a party going on the beach deck.Wedding fun Intimate moments Bride and groom in the Bodrum wedding reception Fun in Bodrum wedding

Groom and guests in Bodrum wedding Guest and his son at the weddingBodrum wedding photographer Bodrum wedding photograph

Kivi and Özgür, I wish you a happy and cheerful life forever…