DIY Wedding in Istanbul : Ezgi & Mert

Ezgi and Mert first met at a ski trip in Uludağ, Turkey. Following a few dream-like days, Ezgi went back home to İzmir, and Mert to İstanbul. It was all beautiful, although there was one thing left; they forgot to get each other’s number.

Doğal Düğün Fotoğrafları : düğün aksesuarları

The next time they met was in Izmir. Maybe it was a divine coincidence how Mert, visiting a friend in Izmir, ran into Ezgi in such a big city. This time, they exchanged numbers. That was how their journey leading to this beautiful DIY wedding started.

Doğal Düğün Fotoğrafları-0070

They held their official ceremony in İzmir, but the friends and family back in Istanbul deserved a wedding celebration as well. They picked the large and lovely garden of Mert’s parents’ home as the wedding venue. Ezgi was still new in the city, and Mert had a huge experience organizing big events, so naturally Mert, as the groom, took the big responsibility to put together all the wedding details. That included contacting and meeting with the wedding photographer that Ezgi liked; Me.

Doğal Düğün Fotoğrafları : damat traşı

They both preferred natural wedding photographs. They did not want to spend time posing for the photographer. Instead, they chose to enjoy the wedding with their friends and family. This allowed me to photograph the day the way I enjoyed the most.

Doğal Düğün Fotoğrafları : evde makyaj yaptıran gelin ve makyöz

The couple did their preparations at Mert’s parents’ home. Mert was taking selfies through the day. We are talking about a man who actually took a selfie during the actual ceremony the week before!

Doğal Düğün Fotoğrafları : hazırlıklar sırasında damat gelin ile selfie çekiyor

Ezgi’s beautiful band of flowers looked nice on Mert, too 🙂

Doğal Düğün Fotoğrafları : şakacı damat

Doğal Düğün Fotoğrafları-0368

After Ezgi’s make-up, we went to Mert’s nearby home to relax and have fun with close friends. There, Ezgi kept checking and perfecting her already-beautiful appearance.

Doğal Düğün Fotoğrafları : gelin makyajını kontrol ediyor

Doğal Düğün Fotoğrafları-0544

Doğal Düğün Fotoğrafları-0482

Doğal Düğün Fotoğrafları : düğünden önce gelin ve damat aşk dolu bakışlar

Doğal Düğün Fotoğrafları : rahat gelin ve damat

Back at the wedding venue, the work on the decorations was almost done.

beautiful wedding decorations

Ezgi and Mert, as the organizers of this DIY wedding, had to deal with some last-minute crisis and go through the sitting plan.

Doğal Düğün Fotoğrafları : oturma planı kontrol ediliyor

It was time to put on their wedding outfit.

Doğal Düğün Fotoğrafları : sigara içen damat

Istanbul wedding photojournalist : preparations

Finally, everything and everyone was ready, and they still had time to open a champagne.

Documentary wedding photograper Istanbul

The reception officially started with their first dance, in attendance of the guests in the garden.

Natural wedding photographs Istanbul: first dance

Doğal Düğün Fotoğrafları : Düğün teşekkür konuşması

I’ve already mentioned that Mert looked after all the details of the wedding. He deserves an applause for this job, don’t you think?

Doğal Düğün Fotoğrafları : İstanbul Ev düğünü

İstanbul Doğal Düğün Fotoğrafları : evde düğün

DIY wedding in Istanbul

Doğal Düğün Fotoğrafları : Gelin damat dans ediyor

Doğal Düğün Fotoğrafları: Düğün selfiesi

Ezgi and Mert, I wish you both to hold each other with love, forever.

Doğal Düğün Fotoğrafları : Gelin damat dans ediyor