Wedding at Üç Horan Armenian Church : Linda & Daron

Linda and Daron knew eachother since the school years. They have dated for a while back then, but later broke up and haven’t seen eachother for years.

One day when Linda was walking in the streets of Istanbul, saw Daron from a distance. The same night she sent him a message to say hi. That’s how their story picked up from where it was halted.

On a beautiful summer day in Istanbul, Linda and Daron were married in Uc Horan Armenian Church in Beyoglu, Istanbul. Here is the story and the photographs of that lovely wedding day.

Linda had her hair and make-up done in her home, accompanied by her mother and sister.

Gelin hazırlıklarını aramızda olmayan aile büyükleri izliyor

Gelinin annesi ve kardeşi hazırlıklara yardım ediyor Gelinin annesi Gelinin annesinin hazırlıkları

When it was her mother’s time to get her make-up done, Linda and her sister were watching her carefully.

Gelin ve kardeşi, anneslerinin hazırlığını izliyor Gelin annesinin hazırlığını izliyor

Of course they were distracted a few times 🙂

Düğün hazırlıkları fotoğrafı Düğün detayları

But the spotlights were on Linda that day. When she put on her wedding dress, her mother just stood there and watched with excitement.

Düğün hazırlık fotoğrafları Düğün hazırlık fotoğrafı

Gelin hazırlıklarını tamamlıyor Gelinin ailesi hazırlıkları tamamlıyor

As part of the Turkish traditions, she wrote the names of single girls on the soles of her shoes.

Gelinin kardeşi hazırlıkları izliyor Gelin ayakkabısı giyiliyor

There were some emotional moments too. Before leaving home, Linda and her family could not stop the happy tears.

Gelin ve ailesi arasında mutluluk gözyaşları, duygusal anlar Gelin evden çıkıyor

Linda arrived at the church before the guests, and headed directly to the waiting room.

Gelin kiliseye geliyor

There was excitement and chaos in the waiting room. Families and friends were there to see Linda before the ceremony, and also to fix their appearance.

Damat annesi hazırlanıyor

Daron was waiting in the church, fixing his eyes on the door to see Linda for the first time.

Damat kilisede gelini bekliyor

The two bridesmaids glided through the door like beautiful angels.

Nedimeler kiliseye giriyor

Linda’s uncle walked her into the church.

Gelin kiliseye giriyor

… and handed her to Daron. The couple walked together between the guests.

Gelin ve damat yürüyor Gelin ve damat kilisede

… and married with a beautiful ceremony.

Ermeni kilise düğün fotoğrafları Istanbul Armenian Church Wedding Düğünü izleyen çocuk Ermeni düğünü fotoğrafları Damat kilisede Ermeni düğünü Kilise düğünü fotoğrafları

After the ceremony was over, they left the church for Sait Halim Pasa Yalisi where the reception would be held.

Gelin arabada Gelin merdivenlerde

During the cocktail hour, they had their portraits taken in front of the glorious backdrop of Sait Halim Pasa Yalisi and the Bosphorus.

Gelin odada beklerken Sait Halim Paşa düğün fotoğraflarıSait Halim Paşa Yalısı düğün fotoğrafları Damat portreDamat hazırlıkları izliyor

… and it was time for the couple to take the stage…

Gelin ve damat sahneye çıkmayı bekliyor Gelin ve damat giriş

… for the first dance…

İlk dans fotoğrafları

After accepting the good wishes from the guests, Linda stepped inside again to get her wedding dress to the “dancing configuration”.

Gelinlik düzeltiliyor Damat dans piscine izliyor

They celebrated their new life toghether with their loved ones all night long.

Gelin düğünde dans ediyor Gelin ve damat pasta kesiyor Gelin ve damat kadeh kaldırıyor Pasta kesimi sonrası şampanya Gelin ve damât dans piscine

Linda and Daron, I wish you to have many happy moments like these for the rest of your lives.