Istanbul wedding at the Bosphorus Palace


Cansu and Efe were living and working in Ireland. For their Istanbul wedding, Efe’s loving mother took care of most of the planning. The couple chose to get married on a boat on the Bosphours. So Bosphorus Palace Hotel was a great location for getting ready, and also some wedding photoshoot.

Hair and make up at the hair salon

Cansu chose Saloon Özer for her hair and make up. Aside from herself, her mother and Efe’s mother were also there, at the talented hands of Özer himself. Afterwards, we went to the apartment where Efe grew up, to pick up the wedding dress and other necessities. I have really enjoyed photographing their moments here, especially using the fantastic posters in Efe’s old room as a background element.

Bride shutting the dresser's door with fantasy bride poster on the wall Bride speaking with mom at hair salon Bride looking out the car door Bride and mother-in-law Mom hugs groom from behind Bride getting ready in one room while groom and father in other room mohammad ali poster on the wall of groom's room mother of the bride watches her daughter

Getting ready and wedding photoshoot at Bosphorus Palace

We went to the Bosphorus Palace Hotel for the rest of the preparations. This is a beautifully restored 19th century mansion with a lovely marble covered garden on the Anatolian side of the Bosphorus. The old boathouse now serves as a restaurant. If you are interested in seeing photographs from a wedding I photographed at this restaurant, you can check out this wedding story. Cansu and Efe, on the other hand, used this hotel only for getting ready, and some wedding photoshoot.

Here Efe put on his wedding attire, with help from his father. Then Cansu got support from both mothers to get ready. When they were ready to go, we used some time to do a photoshoot in this beautiful setting.

bride walks in to groom's room groom tying his shoes dad helps groom getting ready groom getting ready with mom on the background wedding dress hanging off the stairs at Bosphorus Palace hotel bride getting ready at bosphorus palace hotel wedding bosphorus palace wedding istanbu bosphorus palace wedding photos bosphorus palace wedding bride and groom bosphorus palace wedding with bosphorus bride on background

Ceremony and reception on the Bosphorus

We went to the nearby dock, where the boat was waiting with the guests. After a nice ceremony under a setting sun, the boat set sailed on the Bosphorus. The couple did a little than-you speech for their guests. The rest of nigh, they and their guests enjoyed good time and party to celebrate their love.

bride and groom walking through guests on the bosphorus first dance at wedding on the bosphorus bride speech kid at wedding bride and old woman istanbul wedding on a boat on bosphorus



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