Wedding in Wellborn Luxury Hotel: Fatoş and Deniz

It was a love lived in two cities. Fatoş was living in Ankara, and Deniz in İzmit. They met when Fatoş was an intern at where Deniz was working, and after the internship was over, they tried hard to maintain their relationship from a distance.

As it was during the course of their relationship, the distance created some hurdles for them while organizing the wedding. But Fatoş, who paid great importance to every detail, and Deniz, who tried hard to give her everything she needed, managed to plan that beautiful wedding in the face of these hurdles.

When we met on the day of the wedding at Mehmet Tatlı in İzmit, Fatoş’s sister and niece were also there to support them.

Gelin başı

I am not sure if it was because they lived in different cities for a long time, but at the hairdresser’s, Deniz could not stay far from Fatoş, and watching her turning from a beautiful woman to a beautiful bride. PS: Do not miss the bonus at the end of this post to watch that transformation for yourself!!!  Damat ve gelin kuaförde Gelin kuaförde Duvak takılıyor Duvak Gelin ve damat kuaförde

When they were done in the hairdresser’s, they went to Joya Puro to put on the wedding dress.Gelinlik giyilirken

And glad they did, because a few mishaps with the dress were taken care of by the experts there 🙂Gelinlikçide Gelini izlerken Mutlu gelin

They completed the rest of the preperations at the hotel.
Stresli damat Damat Gelin Gelin

Families and friends joined them in the room to see them before the wedding. Gelin ve babası

Makeup done by Aynur Subaşı looked perfect on Fatoş.
Gelin fotoğrafları

Gelin ve damat Gelin çiçeği

Friends of the couple did a great job keeping the mood up. They examined the rings together…. Gelinin arkadaşları yüzüğü inceliyor Gelinin arkadaşları yüzüğe bakıyor

Shot some selfies….Gelin selfie

Read the letters for the couple….Gelin telgraf okuyor Düğüne gelen telgraf Gelini izlerken Gelin ayakkabısına isim yazılıyor Gelin damat ve arkadaşları

Everything was ready at Wellborn Hotel for the wedding. Düğün süslemeleri Wellborn Hotel düğün süslemeleri

It was time for the couple to go down to the ballroom. Makeup was checked for one last time.Gelin makyaj tazeliyor Gelin makyaj tazeliyor

And they started their journey to a happy life where they would be toghether at last.Wedding in Wellborn Luxury Hotel Izmit

How happy? This happy…Nikah anında damadın mutluluğu Gelinin anne ve babası

And they shared that happiness with their friends on the dance floor. Düğün eğlencesi Düğün eğlencesi Düğün pastası Düğünde eğlence Gelin şarkı söylüyor

And here is the bonus of the wedding; I have been shooting a series of photographs from a second angle during the installment of the veil, but I wasn’t thinking about how to use these shots. While working on the photos, I said to myself “why don’t I create a timelapse video with these?”. So, here you can watch the process of veil installment as a time-lapse video. It was an unplanned shot, and also my first attempt at creating time-lapse videos, so forgive me if you see any mistakes 🙂 Enjoy…