Istanbul wedding on a rainy day


When I first met Burcu and Kemal, they told me that they feared it would rain on their wedding day. It rained, indeed. But since I would photograph their day in my documentary style, the rain would not be a problem for us. And for the posed bride and groom portraits, I offered some alternatives, which turned out very well. Let’s see if you will like their photos. And at the end of the page, you can read about our solutions to the rain.

friend watches bride as she is looking at herself at the mirror rainy day wedding in Istanbul bridal party trying to keep their feet dry on a rainy day red haired bride bride and groom on a rainy day wedding overlooking the bosphorus

Before the wedding day, as the couple got to know me and my style better, they stopped worrying about rain. The reason they were worried before was that they were thinking the wedding photos would be all about the posed portraits.

But we realized during our meetings before the wedding day, that what Burcu really wanted to remember from the wedding was the things she would actually live that day. Instead of remembering the time she would spend with the photographer, she wanted to remember the joyful moments she would have with her loved ones on the wedding day. And since those moments were going to happen indoors, photographing them would not be affected by the rain.

I had a simple solution for the portraits as well. Because I would be with the couple the entire day, we would have the luxury to do the bride and groom portraits whenever the rain allowed us. We picked a nearby location for the photoshoot, which would help us get to the location and back quickly, during a short rain break. We also had a plan B just in case the; we would use the venue for the photoshoot if the original plan would fail.

In fact, we had a chance to do most of the photoshoot at the location we picked, after we left the hairdresser’s. When it started raining again, we went to the venue, and did some more shooting there. As the photoshoot progressed, the couple became more and more comfortable with being in the rain. Burcu didn’t mind her hair getting wet a little.

Beacuse now she knew, that if the photographs are supposed to tell about the wedding, and if it’s raining on the wedding day, embracing that fact, rather than trying to hide it, makes a lot more sense.




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