Istanbul wedding at Kalamis Posh


You know how you feel happy inside after a brief talk with a person? Merve, with her never-ending joy and energy, is one of those people to talk to. When she called me for her wedding at Kalamis Posh, I could sense the energy over the phone.

bride fixing her make upAfter the wedding was over and I delivered the photos, I received a lovely thank you letter from Merve. It was not just a thank you; she summarized her experience she had while searching for a wedding photographer.

She tells about the process so well, I wanted to share it with you. Of course, with their wedding photos…

“I don’t know where to start, because this is not a simple topic to talk about. Yeah, I called Erkin one evening, and arranged to meet in the following days.”

bride hugs friend during getting ready

“But listen what happened before that. The first thing we did for the big day was to get together some documents, decide on the date, and get an appointment from the officiant.”

bride getting ready at hair salon

“Than we started the hard work of planning the wedding. Maybe a cliché, but the only thing that would be ours to keep from that day, would be our memories and our photographs. And memories have the potential to fade from our minds through our lives.”

Bridesmaid watches the make up

“That meant, our photos would have to stay with us. But not the ones that were just snapped or posed, but the he natural, genuine photos. Kind of photos that would tell us about the entire day. Ones that would make us feel like we re-live the day when we look at them”

Bride waits for her turn at hair salon

“So I started searching. When I found time between work, or at nights. Day after day. I emailed persons. But none was able to excite me as much as him. The more I looked at his photographs, and read his stories, I realized that he was not just a photographer. And that I wanted a friend that would be with me on my wedding day.”

Bride taking a fresh air at the balcony

Father of the bride realizes they are being photographed

“At our first meeting, I got confidence that he was a professional, but humble at the same time. Much more than a photographer. I had already made up my mind before I even met him. When I told him what I wanted, we found that his style was a great match for me 🙂 And we decided that day, that we would be together on the big day.”

Bride waits with neighbours while waiting for the groom to arrive Bride and her bouquet Gelin ve damat poz veriyor

“Now I had a very experienced friend to call ask for ideas whenever I was stuck at something during our planning period. And I admit that I took advantage of that a lot 🙂 When I needed anything, he was the first person to ask. Besides, he was calling us from time to time to ask how our planning was progressing, or if we arranged this or that.”

Kalamış düğün fotoğrafı Güzel gözlü gelin Damat ve gelin yakın plan Deniz kenarında gelin ve damat

“When that day came, he was with me first thing in the morning. He joined me, before anybody else showed up, and he started supporting me. And during the day, we didn’t even feel that we were being photographed. It was like a close friend was with us, and we were enjoying this day together.”

Bride welcomes her friends at the waiting room

“Now when I look at the photographs, I felt the same all over again. Sharing our happiest day with him was one of our best decisions ever as a couple. Thanks to him, memories of our day will live forever. Because of the beautiful images that came out, we will be able to remember all the details from our wedding day.”

Bride with friends at kalamis posh wedding wedding at Kalamış Posh bride and groom in wedding at Kalamış Posh

“I can’t tell you how happy we are that we got to know him. Thank you Erkin, for being a part of our story.”




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