What does a Documentary Wedding Photographer do?

A wedding photojournalist attempts to capture the real events, emotions, and interactions in a wedding day, in the most elegant and natural way possible, without posing or directing the people and the events. In this style of photography, the people being photographed do not pose, and sometimes even forget that they are being photographed. This way they can act as they normally would, and show their true natural selves and real emotions.

Documentary Wedding Photography

“I believe that a wedding photograph should make you remember how you really felt on that special day even after many years; the joy, the beauty, the happy tears you shed while giving your wows…. While trendy posed photos do look very beautiful and attractive, they tend to lose their effect as the trend gets outdated. On the other hand, one teardrop, one gentle look at the partner, one kiss of the bride’s parent, and all those emotions will remain meaningful to you and even to your grandchildren”