Wedding in Dalaman : Başak and Omar

Başak was living in Malaysia when she first contacted me. She and Omar picked Hilton Dalaman as their wedding venue. Besides being attractive to their friends from overseas, this location was close to Marmaris, where Omar’s parents live.

We met with Başak and Omar when they visited Istanbul for the preparations, and had a chance to find out more about them. Even better, some of their friends joined us at that meeting, which gave me a better chance to watch the relation between them and their close friends.

So when the wedding day came, we were together again at Hilton Dalaman.

Hilton Dalaman Wedding Scene from the bride's room at Dalaman Wedding Brides Bride getting ready in her room Friends of the bride watching as she puts on her make up

Başak’ın annesi de makyaj aşamasını izliyordu.Mother of the bride watching the preparations; Dalaman Wedding  Photographer Bride checking her make up before she puts on her dress

Omar’s mother burned some small sticks, and rotated them above Başak’s head, adhering to their Egyptian traditions.

Egytpian wedding traditions at Dalaman Wedding in Turkey Bride enjoying the breeze in the balcony on a humid Dalaman Wedding day

I visited Omar’s room as well to witness his preparations. His twin brother was helping with his hair and giving him a head massage after his shower, just like Omar did to him a few years ago  at his wedding. It was his turn now.

Groom shaving and having a head massage Groom getting ready for the wedding in his Dalaman Hilton room Brother of the groom watching Pouring champagne for the groom at the Hilton Dalaman wedding in Turkey

Omar was playing with his nephew when his brother’s sister came into the room. Grooms

Omar’s room was at the end of the other wing of the huge hotel. I think I lost some weight running between the two rooms, trying not to miss an important moment. The excitement in bride's room as she is getting ready for the wedding in Dalaman Hilton, Turkey Bride getting ready Brides Bride getting her hair done for Dalaman Wedding Bride and friends in her room in Dalaman HiltonHilton Dalaman wedding photographs, Turkey

The couple shared their happiness with their friends and reletavies that night with a fun and beautiful wedding at Dalaman Hilton.  Photograph of the wedding in Hilton Dalaman, TurkeyDalaman Turkey wedding photographer

Thank you Başak and Omar, for letting me witness your happiest moments that night.