Istanbul Elite World Hotel Wedding Photography : Zeynep and Burak

Zeynep and Burak knew eachother since mid-school. As years passed by, their friendship slowly turned into love. Zeynep was a cabin crew in a major airline, so she traveled a lot. And Burak had an assignment in Africa for a period of time for business. All those times spent apart helped keep their love fresh and strong.

The tattoo of the bride

Zeynep had a very close relationship with her loving mother and relatives. You should have seen how those loved ones worked  to help Zeynep during the preperations at home. 

Grandmother of the bride watching the preps According to a Turkish wedding traditions; Bride writing names of the single girls on the soles of her shoes Bride's prep photos at an Istanbul wedding

Near the end of the preperations, friends started to show up to see the bride, which made her home a more fun place to be.Bride's friends visiting her Relatives and neighbours watching the bride

But it was almost time for the bride to leave home. At that time, Zeynep could not stop hugging her mom and crying.Emotional moments between the bride and her mother Mother of the bride watching as the bride's tears are wiped away Bride getting emotional before leaving her family home

When Burak arrived, Zeynep was wiping away her tears. Bride waiting for the groom at the window Groom picking up the bride

A religious ceremony was held to satisfy the Turkish wedding traditions…
Turkish religious wedding ceremony at home Turkish religious wedding ceremony

…which caused some fun moments, like modern looking women trying to cover their heads 🙂Modern women and head covers create a contrast at Turkish religious wedding ceremony

Bride leaving home with groom

There was another Turkish wedding tradition waiting outside. There was a drum-and-horn duo playing loud. So there was dancing and singing on the street. Turkish wedding customs; bride and groom dancing to drum-and-horn duo in front of bride's home Turkish wedding customs; dancing to drum-and-horn duo

Burak’s grandmother would not be able to make it to the ceremony or the reception, because of her age and health. So we all stopped by at her apartment to receive her good wishes.

Visiting groom's grandmother before ceremony

I was prepared to witness some very emotional moments there. But instead, it turned out to be a fun time, especially after the groom’s pants gave in while bending down to kiss her hand.  So the bridal party spent some time with the grandma, except Burak, who had to wait in the next room while his trousers were getting fixed. Groom waits as his pants are being repaired

Groom waits as his mother repairs his pants Bride at grandmother's apartment

Even we had that delay, we were in time for the ceremony. Bride's Make-up is fixed by friends before the ceremony Bride and groom waiting for the ceremony

During the ceremony, Zeynep’s mom was going through many emotions. In her face there was pride, joy, sadness, all at once. Seeing her like that made me emotional as well. While photographing her soul, I was actually hiding my tears behind the camera.
Bride's mother getting emotional during the wedding ceremony

After the ceremony, we went to Elite World Hotel for the reception. Burak was so hungry by that time, so he hardly talked while waiting for the room service to bring their meal. Elite World Istanbul wedding photography

There was too much fun at the reception as well. Just look at the wedding photographs at Istanbul Elite World Hotel ballroom below to see for yourself.Istanbul wedding photography at Elite World Hotel Istanbul wedding photographer Bride and groom on the dance floor

Burak was a real fan of Star Wars. He was even dreaming of a Star Wars theme for the weeding. This did not happen, but his friends had a surprise for him.Groom receives a lightsaber as a gift

Istanbul wedding photographer Friends celebrate as bride and groom kiss on the dance floor at Istanbul wedding Elite World Istanbul wedding photography