Why I do what I do

On my own wedding day, the only time me and my wife felt weird was during the photoshoot. While doing the poses that the photographer asked for, we knew deep inside that these images, regardless of how beautiful they would be, would fail to tell about us, or about our wedding, let alone how we felt. Posing was just something that had to be done for around an hour or two on your wedding day, because everybody else who is getting married was doing it.

I realized, although a little too late, that it didn’t have to be that way. Just like you, I wanted to enjoy my wedding day, with my wife, and my friends and family. I wished there was a way where I could have authentic photographs that would remind me how we genuinely we enjoyed that day. What I have instead, is beautiful photographs that tell me only about how I spent two hours on my wedding day posing for the photographer.

That is why I started photographing weddings; To give my couples photographs that actually tell about them, and about their wedding. Authentic memories of how they really lived and enjoyed their big day. The timeless story of their wedding, filled with real emotions.


I am an avid music fan, independent traveller and a sky lover. I currently live in Istanbul with my wife and my son.

Top wedding photographer in Turkey

In 2017, I have been listed by the International Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) as the #1 ranking wedding photographer in Turkey, and among the Top 100 Wedding Photographers in Europe.